When the action of conservative dentistry is insufficient, surgery remains the patient’s salvation. A field that can restore health in advanced cases of diseases of the oral cavity and surrounding areas. In addition to the most well-known extraction, i.e. removal of a tooth, in our center we use a number of other procedures, such as:

  • extractions (including impacted and unerupted teeth),
  • uncovering of impacted teeth in the arch, extraction of wisdom teeth,
  • plasticity of the connections with the maxillary sinus,
  • treatment of complicated abscesses and oro-facial fistulas,
  • Root tip resections, hemisections,
  • Removal of fibromas, adenomas, mucocellulas, papillomas and other inflammatory lesions of the mucous membrane,
  • preparing the oral cavity for prosthetic treatment – undercutting the frenulum,
  • Supporting the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.

For full safety and comfort we have equipped our clinic with a radiovisiograph and a computertomograph.
Procedures can be performed under local or general anesthesia (we cooperate with an excellent, experienced anesthesiologist).


We have the latest generation of equipment, thanks to which we are able to perform complex surgical procedures. This task is facilitated by the piezosurgical device.

It provides the highest protection of soft tissues, and wound healing is faster and virtually free of unpleasant side effects. Piezosurgery is widely used not only in implantology, but also in tooth extraction (retained eights) and bone reconstruction (augmentation).