Overlay treatment is based on the treatment of specially prepared overlays, which straighten teeth millimetre by millimetre and restore their proper position. The overlays are prepared individually, according to the patient’s specific bite.


Clear Aligner is a method of orthodontic treatment by means of transparent overlays.
It is dedicated to patients with slight orthodontic defects, or for people after orthodontic treatment who are not satisfied with the previous treatment.
It is a completely invisible brace, very comfortable to wear, for people who value comfort and discretion. The average treatment time with this method is only 6 months! We have been using Clear Aligner braces since 2011, which resulted in dozens of cured patients. The stability of treatment effects is the same as in permanent braces.


Invisalign are transparent, perfectly fitted orthodontic trays which allow us to treat even advanced malocclusion.
Orthodontic treatment with the use of transparent Invisalign trays is not only more comfortable than the treatment with classic braces, but it is also often much shorter! Many patients achieve the dream of a perfect smile in just a few months. These braces are removed for brushing teeth, which allows for thorough hygiene, and also gives the possibility to remove the braces e.g. for important business meetings. There are no contraindications to use this method of treatment, it does not contain any allergenic substances or any metal elements. Invisalign is an innovative method of straightening teeth.