DENTAL TREATMENT UNDER ANAESTHESIA Analgosedation is one of the most modern forms of anaesthesia, it is a completely safe general anaesthesia (sleep). It consists in simultaneous administration of sedative, anaesthetic and muscle relaxant drugs to the patient. The anaesthesia temporarily eliminates pain and disables the patient’s consciousness. The entire process is intravenous and painless. Additionally, the patient receives oxygen through the nose to improve blood parameters before the anaesthetic is administered. Thanks to this method our patient feels relaxed and relieved. In our clinic we have both the necessary anesthetic equipment and experienced medical staff. Thanks to this we perform anaesthesia in a safe and controlled manner.   HOW IS THE ANAESTHETIC? First of all, it is necessary to have a consultation with the attending doctor, whom we select according to your needs. On it we create an individual treatment plan and pricing. The procedure takes place under the care of an experienced anesthesiologist and nurse. The anesthesiology team selects the type of drug, which is usually administered intravenously. Throughout the process, the patient’s vital signs are constantly monitored: blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen content in the arterial blood. After each procedure our patients are provided with specialist care and an individual waking-up room. Return home, with the help of an accompanying person, is possible only after stabilization of all vital body functions.   FOR WHOM IS ANAESTHESIA RECOMMENDED?


Especially for patients who are afraid of dental treatment, feel discomfort during the treatment and suffer from dentophobia. It is also ideal for children 2-3 years old, who have extensive caries. They are still too small for dental treatment in cooperation with a dentist, and even less able to stand in the chair for more than a few seconds. Continuous control of vital signs eliminates the risk of complications, which affects the comfort and peace of mind of parents.    

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