It is a prosthesis which rebuilds lost teeth in case of complete lack of teeth, e.g. in case of a toothless mandible or maxilla. Its biggest advantage is its low price.

In case of reconstruction of the upper arch with this type of prosthetic restoration, it is necessary to build up the palate, which for some patients is a considerable difficulty in use. Lack of teeth results in worse retention of the denture on the base, and in this case it is necessary to use denture adhesive. In order to avoid these problems, we recommend that you consider implant-supported dentures. This allows you to reduce the range of the denture plate on the palate and reduce its mobility during use.


This is a removable denture that recreates chewing function, proper articulation and appearance when some teeth are missing. The denture consists of arches composed of artificial teeth attached to the denture plate.

Partial and complete acrylic dentures may be used as temporary restorations, used by the patient during the healing period after tooth extraction prior to the implant procedure. It is possible to make an immediate denture, which the patient receives on the day of tooth extraction.


A modern solution to prosthetic dentistry. It is made of a special flexible material which makes the denture resistant to breaking and much more comfortable to use. A nylon denture is thinner than an acrylic one, it does not cause any allergic reactions and it lacks metal clasps which sometimes break. The advantage of the denture is its lightness, flexibility and smaller size.


This type of denture can be made only for partial missing teeth. Pillar teeth in this type of denture must be in good condition. Metal is its main construction material, which determines its solidity. The range of its plate in the upper dental arch is limited to a minimum (which is of considerable importance for patients with a strong vomiting reflex).
The teeth are set in acrylic which is bonded to metal. Thus, when smiling lightly, we see only the teeth and possibly the pink acrylic, which perfectly imitates the gum.


It is an alternative to classic metal skeletal dentures.
They are made of acetal – a thermoplastic material which makes them more aesthetic and ideal for people with metal allergies. These are the only removable dentures in which it is possible to make brackets in the color of the tooth (white) or gum (pink). Similarly to classic frame dentures, they are fixed on clasps and do not press on the patient’s gums, which makes their use much easier and more comfortable.