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For years, orthodontic treatment was associated by patients with great sacrifices and many inconveniences. This changed at the beginning of the new millennium, when, thanks to the combination of medical knowledge and modern technology, the Invisalign system was created. It is an innovative solution which makes it possible to treat even the most advanced malocclusions. This overlay system has for nearly two decades changed for the better the smiles of more than 6 million people throughout the world.



Invisalign is a system of orthodontic attachments which makes it possible to correct improperly aligned teeth in an extremely comfortable way for the Patient. Aligners are made of transparent material, thanks to which this type of braces is almost invisible. Invisalign guarantees a completely new quality of orthodontic treatment. It is a perfect choice for Patients who lead an active life and those who do not want (or, for various reasons, cannot afford) such a visible interference in their appearance as wearing traditional braces on their teeth.


The system uses brackets made of thermoplastic material of the highest medical class. They are completely safe for the Patient, and at the same time extremely effective. Aligners are manufactured with the use of 3D printing method. The caps act on the teeth with a specific force, restoring them to the correct position in the dental arch. The use of the Smart Track technology makes tooth displacements up to 75% more predictable, which allows for more effective control over particular stages of treatment.


Invisalign transparent braces have many advantages. While listing them, it is worth noting the aesthetic issues related to its use. Orthodontic treatment lasts from several months to even several years and if you decide on braces, you have to take into account the fact that their elements, such as arches, rings or brackets, will be visible and permanently fixed to teeth. Choosing the invisible Invisalign bracket system you don’t have to worry about it at all – the aligners don’t draw attention of their surroundings and the Patient can take them off at any time (e.g. before a meal or an important meeting). The comfort of use is another important factor distinguishing Invisalign from other braces. The overlays do not hinder daily oral hygiene. The teeth can be thoroughly brushed after removing the braces, and the aligners themselves can be rinsed thoroughly with warm water. When straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you do not have to give up your favourite foods either. During the treatment you can eat and drink absolutely everything, you just need to remember to take the brackets off when eating. The application of this type of braces, in case of some Patients, also allows to shorten the treatment time significantly. The Invisalign system is also suitable for allergy sufferers, as it is not based on metal elements which could contain allergenic nickel, chromium or cobalt.

invisalign a zwykłe aparaty ortodontyczne


By choosing Invisalign treatment, the patient, even before the actual start of the treatment, can see the effect he or she is aiming for. How? All thanks to iTero intraoral scanner which enables to visualise possible results. It is just such a simulation that is conducted by the orthodontist during the first consultation visit. The doctor also performs imaging diagnostics and impressions of teeth, on the basis of which customised trays are designed. At each stage of treatment the Patient receives a new set of aligners from the doctor. They have to be changed on average every 2 weeks and worn every day for about 20-22 hours. After the end of the proper treatment, the effects achieved are maintained with a retainer, i.e. a cap preventing the teeth from returning to their previous position.


Treatment with invisalign braces lasts shorter than in the case of orthodontic treatment using traditional solutions. A few months are enough for the Patient to enjoy straight teeth and a dazzling smile. Of course, the total length of the treatment is individual for each Patient and depends on many factors, including the type of malocclusion, its severity or the Patient’s discipline. In most cases, however, a dream smile can be achieved in 9-18 months.

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