A healthy smile does not always go hand in hand with a perfect appearance. Some people struggle with the problem of yellow, discoloured teeth from birth, for others this problem appeared only in later years. There are many causes of discoloration including improper diet, poor oral hygiene, general illnesses, use of antibiotics or smoking. The second aesthetic problem is the shape and alignment of teeth, which apart from aesthetics also affect chewing function. 

Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right smile enhancement method and ensure that a snow-white and functional smile remains on the patient’s face for a long time.


A procedure performed by qualified dental hygienists. It involves the removal of tartar deposits and sediments which negatively affect the appearance and health of teeth and gums. It consists of stages:

Scaling – basic procedure, consisting in removing tartar with the use of ultrasounds

Sandblasting – complementary treatment consisting in the removal of discoloration and deposits using a sandblaster

Polishing – treatment consisting in smoothing the surface of the enamel, which partly prevents the accumulation of deposits.

Fluoridization – protection of enamel with a fluoride-containing agent in the form of foam, gel or varnish. It is used to protect teeth against caries and reduce hypersensitivity. This is an additional treatment, its performance is selected individually.



In our clinic we offer innovative methods, which will bring the expected results in a short time. These include whitening trays and bleaching with the use of the Beyond lamp.

Overlay whitening – home bleaching, involves wearing individually prepared overlays on the lower and upper dental arches by a dental technician on the basis of an impression made by the doctor in the office with the appropriate amount of bleaching gel. The effect is obtained after a period of 1-2 weeks.

Whitening with the Beyond – in-office whitening. The brightening gel is applied directly on the teeth in the office, then activated by the LED lamp. The treatment consists of 1-3 cycles of 15 minutes each, depending on the needs. The effect is obtained on the day of the treatment. 

Dead tooth whitening, used for teeth after root canal treatment that require whitening of more than just the outer tissues.


In case of carious cavities, cracks and chipped teeth, composite restorations are performed primarily for health, but also aesthetic reasons.


Apart from restoration of carious and damaged teeth, we perform bonding in order to improve the shape and alignment of front teeth. This procedure allows for the closure of diastemas, removal of gaps between teeth, small defects and masking enamel discoloration, without or with minimal interference with the tooth tissue.

A beautiful new smile achieved in a single visit – this is an appropriate alternative for Patients who expect a quick aesthetic effect, without prosthetics requiring cooperation with a prosthetic laboratory, at a lower cost.


A much more durable method of improving a smile, without the need for long-term orthodontic treatment (in most cases), is the reconstruction of teeth with porcelain veneers. They are characterized by excellent aesthetics, they require working on the labial or cheek surface of the tooth only within the enamel. They are used in case of replacing broken incisal edges, closing gaps between teeth, changing their shape and colour.


A crown is a prosthetic restoration which partially or completely covers a tooth pillar. It restores the anatomical shape and functions of the tooth lost due to disease or injury. It is the most invasive method of improving the aesthetics of a smile.

In case of single missing teeth, it is possible to make an all-ceramic bridge, which are 3 or more crowns connected together.


In case of complete loss of a tooth in the front section, we offer reconstruction of the missing tooth without interference with healthy adjacent teeth by means of dental implants.

A dental implant is a screw made of titanium that serves as the root of a tooth and holds the entire prosthetic restoration. An important element in the construction of the entire prosthetic restoration on implants is the connector, i.e. the element that connects the implant to the crown. We offer individual connectors ensuring the highest aesthetics of the work, eliminating the occurrence of grey discolouration around the gum pocket  

  • anodized – gold
  • zirconia – white



Invisalign is a system of orthodontic trays which makes it possible to correct improperly aligned teeth in an extremely comfortable way for the Patient. Aligners are made of transparent material, thanks to which this type of braces is almost invisible. Invisalign guarantees a completely new quality of orthodontic treatment. It is a perfect choice for Patients who live an active life and those who do not want (or, for various reasons, cannot afford) such a visible interference in their appearance as wearing traditional braces.