Price list
Dental consultation (examination, advice, prescription) 100 zł
Local anesthesia free
Computer anesthesia The Wand 70 zł
X-ray – single tooth (intraoral) 50 zł
Panoramic x-ray 100 zł
Temporary healing dressing 100 zł
Light cured filling (smaller) 400 zł
Light cured filling (bigger) 500 zł
Post surgery dressing 100 zł
Opening tooth pulp, pulp devitalization 300 zł
Pulp capping 100 zł
Milk tooth extraction 300 zł
Tooth extraction (1-7) 400 zł
Surgical tooth extraction with tooth socket suturing (1-7) 500 zł
Wisdom tooth extraction (8) 900 zł
Surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth (8) 1000-1400zł
Surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth (8) with twisted roots, with the additional option of chiselling parts of the tops of curved roots 1 500 zł
Plastik surgery of the oro-sinus junction 500 zł
Protection of the teeth after injuries with a metal ligature 500 zł
Fiberglass splinting 500 zł
Porcelain crown cementation 100 zł
Aesthetic tooth restoration of a partially broken tooth (angle, incisal edge, up to 50% of the filling volume using matrix) 500 zł
Aesthetic tooth restoration of a partially broken tooth (restoration based on crown-root inlay, using matrix) 1000 zł
Abscess incision and drainage (seton) 300 zł
– seton replacement 50 zł
Emergency visit (braces done in another clinic) 150 zł

Services not included in our price list are stated individually during the consultation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 32 241 01 77 or 508 169 997.