lek. dent. Michał Makowski
Zespół / lek. dent. Michał Makowski

A graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. Does not like to “stand still”. Claims that it is necessary to constantly keep up to date, train and supplement education. Follows global trends and solutions used in dentistry in order to apply the most effective and safest treatment for patients. Expands his knowledge and skills at numerous national and foreign training courses supported by diplomas (including implantology, mini-implants, prosthetics and impressions, surgery, root canal preparation, composite reconstruction in lateral teeth). He has gained a lot of experience through cooperation with surgeries in Silesia.

His main interests in dentistry are: prosthetics, implantoprosthetics and aesthetic dentistry. Applies innovative ideas. He is not afraid of challenges. Looks for and proposes the best solution of complex and adjusted treatment for the Patient. Has an individual approach to each case – listens, talks, explains and makes the Patient aware of his/her problems. He puts emphasis on proper diagnostics. Looks for causes of the problems and not only eliminates the effects. Achieves amazing treatment results. Helpful, patient, does not ignore even the smallest, uncomplicated cases. Treats each patient seriously.