lek. dent. Bartosz Kulawik
Zespół / lek. dent. Bartosz Kulawik

In 2014 I graduated from the Silesian Medical University receiving the title of doctor-dentist.
My goal at work is to look for the optimal way to beautiful and lasting smiles of my Patients. I pay a lot of attention to make achieving this goal painless and predictable. For this to happen I attend numerous practical and theoretical courses.
On a daily basis, I perform treatments in the field of conservative dentistry, endodontics, surgery, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.

Completed courses

  • Occlusion and treatment planning part I
  • Occlusion and treatment planning part II
  • Do it yourself occlusion
  • Dentistry without pain, without stress – is this the way to effective oral health prevention? Holistic dentistry – our body and oral health and how to implement effective prophylaxis in this context
  • Principles of diagnosing and diagnosing dysfunctions of the stomatognathic system, recording neuromuscular short-circuits and principles of working with the articulator and the use of facial arches
  • Surgery for general practicing dentists – everything every dentist should know about cutting and suturing
  • Endodontics II – preparation of root canals with machine instruments and filling with thermal methods
  • Art of Composite – composite aesthetics without secrets
  • Certificate in radiological protection of the patient.